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Lighthouse Campground Code Of Conduct

In as much as the Lighthouse Camp and Retreat Center is owned and operated primarily for the spiritual edification, encouragement and evangelism of our people, all guests, campers and cottage owners are expected to conduct themselves on these grounds in harmony with the provisions of the MANUAL OF THE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE, and to abide by this CODE OF CONDUCT. To see the MANUAL of the CHURCH of the NAZARENE please go to

1. These rules shall apply equally to all persons on the grounds of the Lighthouse Camp and Retreat Center, whether in dormitories, cabins, Inn Rooms, tents, or RV’s.


2. The dissemination of doctrines or literature contrary to the Christian Faith, and the solicitation of funds for any cause are prohibited unless approved by the District Superintendent of the NWO District Church of the Nazarene.


3. Quiet Time shall begin at 11:00 p.m. and all youth and children shall be in their dorms, cottages, tents or other shelter areas at that time, unless given prior permission by the Guest Services Director. No loud music or noise will be permitted after this time. Quiet time in the pool area shall be 10:00 p.m.


4. Persons bringing tents, campers and RV’s onto the grounds shall register at the Camp Office prior to locating on any lot. Such units shall be permitted to set up in specially designated areas only. We reserve the right to refuse lodging to anyone.


5. Single persons under 18 years of age shall not occupy dormitory rooms, cottages, tents, RV’s or other shelter areas, except under supervision and responsibility of an adult over 21 years of age.


6. The use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, firearms, fireworks, and profane language shall be strictly prohibited anywhere on the grounds.


7. Modest swim apparel shall be required for both sexes at all times. Men should wear shirts until reaching the pool and wear modest trunks. Ladies should wear swimwear as follows - midriffs should be covered with a one piece swimsuit or a tank top style suit. Midriffs should be covered at all times. Cover garments shall be worn over swimwear while going to and from the pool. This code applies to all ages.


8. Riding of bicycles, skateboards, scooters, or mopeds is not authorized on any paved sidewalk, pathway, or anywhere in the “grove” area. They may only be used on streets.


9. Only those who are handicapped may bring a golf cart onto the grounds. Handicapped is defined as having a handicapped sign on their auto. Staff members are the only exception.


10. No catering, Food Trucks or group meals may be brought onto the grounds without prior authorization. In most cases, only Lighthouse Camp and Retreat Food Services will be allowed to serve food.

11. All areas around the “grove”, tabernacle, dining hall, all dormitories and buildings owned by the District and Retreat Center are considered “Off-Limits” to all pets. All PETS shall be kept on leash and under control at all times. Pets may be exercised only in the designated area, namely on the far easterly side of the RV area. All Pet waste must be disposed of properly.

12. Please Do Not Litter. Please place all trash in proper receptacles. A dumpster is located near the dining hall. Burning of trash and refuse is not permitted. Please check with the Director of Maintenance before dumping large items in the dumpster.

13. Any destruction of District or Camp property shall require reimbursement by those who are responsible for the act, or by the parents or guardians of those responsible. In addition to reimbursement of repair/replacement costs, a fine of $100-250 will be levied.

14. We are located near neighborhoods and homes. Please do not disturb or visit any homes in the area for any reason.


15. To display any flag other than that of the United States of America, prior approval must be granted by Lighthouse Camp and Retreat Center Board.


16. The Lighthouse Camp and Retreat Center reserves the right to require any person not complying with this Code of Conduct, or the spirit of the encampment, to leave the grounds.


17. Final authority for the interpretation or enforcement of this Code of Conduct shall rest with the person directly responsible for the encampment.


18. Each Director of Event must make each participant aware of the above codes that are applicable to their specific event.

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